About Us


Tuition Lab Tuition Agency is an ACRA registered company based in Singapore. Our registered entity number is T16LL0721E. We are an expert in matching tutors for home tuition and we have access to more than 20,000 tutors in our tutors database.

We provide private tutors or home tutors for students across all academic levels and standards in Singapore, which are PSLE, N’levels, O’levels, A’levels, Integrated Programme (IP), IGCSE and International Bacculaureate (IB) from Grade 1 to 12.

Our tutors are carefully screened by our full time tuition coordinators before recommending to our client. Not only that, we gather reviews and feedbacks from parents, students and tutors to ensure that we know our tutors well.


To be the most reliable tuition service provider, which complements our education system in Singapore.


To be the ultimate platform for parents, students and employers to look for effective and responsible private tutors and teachers, who can benefit them the most in their learning objectives.

To help tutors and teachers who has the values and teaching skills, engage more students.

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